Tongue in Cheek Beginnings

So, Manjit, tell us a bit about yourself?

Chocolate gifts

I was born in the great northern city of Leeds. One of five children, youngest of the girls and 4th in the pecking order, my brother being the baby of the family.

After university I left to pursue a career as a Test Analyst in the big smoke. Having worked for most of the major Telecommunications companies I moved out to Dubai for a number of years. That’s where I met my husband. We both then went on to work in Munich before returning to the UK.

Why did you start Tongue in Cheek? When was your light-bulb moment?

As much as I enjoy my work, I wanted to do something different and outside of IT. 

Although being a Software Test Engineer for 20 years has benefitted our online store as my IT skills have definitely come in useful!😊

The idea for Tongue in Cheek came about one afternoon when shopping in our local Londis.

My sister picked up a box of Cadbury’s chocolates with the slogan ‘Thank You’ on it and said why do you never see one with ‘Sorry’?! And that was it… we both looked at one another and smiled.  Within 3 minutes of leaving the store, we had our idea all planned out along with our name!

What’s been the hardest part about starting a business?

All of it LOL! Nothing can prepare you for the ups and downs of starting a new business! Especially when it’s something you’ve not done before. It’s all been a huge learning curve and continues to be so!

Having said that, I’m absolutely loving it! We’ve met some lovely people in the process of setting up, both suppliers and customers!

We just wanted to offer something different from the run of the mill birthday gifts, Mothers Day gifts or just everyday chocolate gift boxes!

What’s been the most exciting part about starting the business?

Seeing your dream transformed from an idea on a piece of paper to a real live product which people say lovely things about!

What do you hope Tongue in Cheek brings to people?

Laughter and joy.

We want people to share in the quirkiness of our brand and the passion behind it.

It’s a gift that needs no occasion.

It’s just nice to give!

Oh, and receive!

What is your favourite Tongue in Cheek slogan?

Oh, there are so many… “You’re like a good bra…hard to find, supportive and lifts me up” is a good one!

All our slogans are a little bit different!

We hope that they can give our customers a new way to say the way they’re feeling!

We’re always open to new slogan suggestions though! Via our Facebook page or website!

What Tongue in Cheek slogan do you wish existed?

LOL I don’t think I can say that here 😊

What are your hopes for Tongue in Cheek?

We want TiC to be the go-to gift store when you want to be a little bit different and stand out from the crowd.  Somewhere you know you’re guaranteed to be able to pick up the best chocolate gifts and different types of chocolate gift ideas.😊