Share The Laughs With Our Funny Chocolate Gifts

Looking for a delicious way to congratulate somebody on their divorce? Or want to provide a funny but sweet gift for someone’s birthday?

Relationships are complicated but with our funny chocolate gifts, you can always make somebody chuckle- no matter the situation.

Chocolate is something of a universal language and there’s few people who don’t love its smooth, rich taste. Studies have even show it gives you a feeling similar to being in love, so no wonder if tastes so good.

If you know somebody who loves chocolate but has a dark sense of human, why not send them our Coffin Dodger box on their birthday? Or you know somebody who’s just broken up with a dodgy boyfriend, you could send them our ‘Welcome to Singledom’ box. We provide all sorts of ideas for anybody looking for funny chocolate gifts!

We also offer bespoke chocolate gifts that are ideal for events like weddings.

Whether you have a company event this summer, or need customised chocolates for a wedding, Tongue in Cheek are happy to help.

All our chocolate gifts are highly affordable and can be ordered for less than £10.00. Our boxes contain the most luxurious chocolate truffles, made with the finest Belgium chocolate. We offer a choice of delivery options including standard next day deliveries. All orders over £20.00 are completely free.

Why not find out more about our funny chocolate gifts?