Searching For The Best Funny Chocolate Gifts?

Want to sweeten someone’s day and make them laugh at the same time?

Whether you’re buying for Father’s Day or your sister’s birthday, Tongue in Cheek have all kinds of funny chocolate gifts to choose from that are guaranteed to tickle anybody’s funny bones.

Chocolate is renowned for making us feel happy, thanks to the fact it releases endorphins: it contains a chemical known as tryptophan which is linked to the release of serotonin: a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of happiness. So, not only can it make us smile but, with our gifts, you can also make somebody laugh!

There’s nothing quite like the British sense of humour and we have a number of funny chocolate gifts to brighten up any special occasion.

Whether you know someone who loves Only Fools and Horses and would appreciate this Lovely Jubbly box of Belgium chocolates, or want to emphasis that you’re the normal one in your relationship with this unique chocolate message, you’ll find all kinds of hilarious presents on our website.  

We have funny chocolate gifts for all sorts of events, from celebrating a divorce, welcoming somebody to singledom or cheeky messages for your friends.

All our truffles are made from the finest Belgium chocolate, so once they’re done laughing they can enjoy the contents. Our chocolate gifts can be delivered to their place of home or place of work.