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Share The Laughs With Our Funny Chocolate Gifts

Looking for a delicious way to congratulate somebody on their divorce? Or want to provide a funny but sweet gift for someone’s birthday? Relationships are complicated but with our funny chocolate gifts, you can always make somebody chuckle- no matter the situation. Chocolate is something of a univer

Our Chocolate Gifts are Perfect for Birthdays

Tongue in Cheek specialise in funny birthday chocolate gifts that can easily be ordered online. To celebrate all things chocolatey, here are 10 facts about chocolate and why it makes a great gift! The scientific name for chocolate is Theobroma, which means ‘food of the gods’, which truly reflects

choc breath

Funny Personalised Chocolates To Order In The UK

Know somebody who’s passionate about chocolate? Want to send them a personalised box of the sweet stuff in the UK? As our name suggests, Tongue in Cheek specialise in ‘tongue in cheek’ boxes of chocolate, decorated with messages that are guaranteed to make somebody laugh or smile! We have person

Searching For The Best Funny Chocolate Gifts?

Want to sweeten someone’s day and make them laugh at the same time? Whether you’re buying for Father’s Day or your sister’s birthday, Tongue in Cheek have all kinds of funny chocolate gifts to choose from that are guaranteed to tickle anybody’s funny bones. Chocolate is renowned for making u

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s day is a special time for fathers across the UK and it’s a day when you will want to shower your dear old Dad with gifts but did you know that most dads would just love to spend quality time with their children over a material gift option.   Finding the perfect Father’s Da