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About us


Tongue In Cheek Creations is all about recognising the way we live and celebrate today. The real world doesn’t play out like some uninspired verse from a cheap birthday card. Real relationships have warmth and authenticity, and so do we. When you give someone you care about a Tongue In Cheek creation, you’re making a real connection.


We've got style AND substance. Our creations don't just say what we're all thinking - they're made with quality ingredients, for a rich, indulgent chocolate that makes any occasion special. When you say it with a chocolate gift from Tongue In Cheek Creations, the medium tastes as good as the message.


Life isn’t defined by predictable situations that you can mark off on a calendar. It’s defined by the situations and turning points we don’t expect, big and small, good and not-quite-so-good. Whatever happens, it’s human nature to handle special occasions and surprising occasions with humour, and it’s in our nature too.