5 simple gift ideas that your Mum will really love this Mother’s Day!

We know that many of you may spend hours looking for unique Mother’s Day gifts but as one of the Tongue in Cheek team and a Mother of three young daughters I just want to say one thing ‘Stop right there!’ Hold your horses! Here’s a handy list of ideas that won’t break the bank and will really ‘mean’ something to your Mum’.

What’s more, these ideas are backed up by a Mums survey completed by Mumsnet last year which revealed that most Mums are simply looking for a relaxing day with some down time, peace and quiet and maybe some extra shut eye!

Here are some great ideas to help you deliver the perfect Mother’s Day gift:

Firstly, the biggest gift you can give most Mums is time!

Time for anything really

  • a cup of tea (preferably hot),
  • A sit down meal that they haven’t had to cook themselves!
  • time to read a book or magazine in peace
  • relax in a hot bath
  • watch their favourite programme or a great film
  • take a country walk
  • Or just put their feet up!

Check out these lovely little gifts ideas to make Mother’s Day perfect:

chocolate gift boxes

She can have 10 times the ‘me time’ sessions with this set of Dalit Mini Candle Pots for £10. Each candle burns for 4 hours and is made in India from clay pots filled with lavender and vanilla scented blended beeswax.  These little candles are a perfect environmentally friendly option as the money from sales goes back to the Indian village where they were made!

chocolate box gift sets

Simple pleasures like reading a magazine in peace are often the best! Starting from as little as £1 you can go to town and pick a lovely selection of glossy mags to bring a smile to your Mum’s face!

luxury chocolate gifts

Combine the magazines with the candles and some beautiful Belgian chocolate. When it comes to personalised chocolate gifts and especially Mother’s Day chocolate gifts it pays to think outside the chocolate box!
Try a different message this year – a cheeky one perhaps!? Check out the range of alternative ‘messages’ for Mum on Mother’s Day at Tongue in Cheek Chocolate Creations.  A delightful box of 9 Belgian chocolates costs just £6.99 + delivery.

chocolate gifts uk

A good nights’ sleep is a real pick me up for anyone but this is especially true for busy Mum’s. Check out Coopers Apothecary gorgeous Sleepy Head Mist. Your Mum can drift off into a blissful nights’ sleep with this beautiful essential oil pillow mist containing Lavender, Frankincense and Chamomile. 30ml Glass Bottle costs £7.50 + delivery.

luxury chocolate gifts uk

A little bit of pampering always goes down a treat. Our top tip is to pick something that your Mum wouldn’t normally choose herself either because she thinks it’s too indulgent, too expensive or she just hasn’t got the time to check these things out! Myroo Mini Trial Size Skincare Set contains all natural, plant based and cruelty free products from Yorkshire based Myro will go down a storm and she can always buy the bigger versions later if she loves them! Sample box Starflower and Orange Blossom Facial Cleanser, Starflower and Orange Blossom Skin Boost Facial Serum, Raspberry and Cucumber Superfood Balm,  Geranium Intensive Hand Treat and if you’re quick they’re offering a free cleansing cloth with every purchase for a limited period. £8 + delivery.

chocolate gifts delivered uk

Finally, pull everything altogether with a lovely gift basket or trendy storage container that can be used again. The Range stocks vintage storage baskets for under £5. They also have cellophane with pretty ribbons and bows for the finishing touches!

Extra brownie points all round!